Pondok Pesantren Multimedia di Tasikmalaya

Pondok Pesantren Multimedia di Tasikmalaya – Pondok pesantren is one of the character education institutions that has been trusted by many Indonesians since ancient times until now, but as society becomes more moderate, the need for information technology is increasing, so the question arises:

Pondok Pesantren Multimedia Tasikmalaya

To answer that, several Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia have begun to update their education curriculum system which not only produces students who have good character and attitude but also have abilities in the field of information technology, including Multimedia.

Pesantren Multimedia SMAIT At-taufiq Al-islamy

Pondok Pesantren Multimedia Tasikmalaya
Pondok Pesantren Multimedia Tasikmalaya

Pesantren Multimedia SMAIT At-taufiq Al-islamy Forms of Developing Multimedia Skills in Islamic Boarding Schools
Creative Media Extracurricular and Santri Press Extracurricular
SMAIT At-taufiq Al-Islamy Relationship
SMAIT Ibadurrahman Islamic Boarding School

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SMAIT At-taufiq Al-islamy is one of the Integrated Islamic High School Islamic boarding schools in Tasikmalaya City which has a forum for its students in the multimedia field
Forms of Developing Multimedia Skills in Islamic Boarding Schools
Forms of coaching multimedia skills at the boarding school at-taufiq al-islamy using extracurricular activities, extracurricular activities that support multimedia skills include extracurricular media creative and extracurricular press Santri:

Creative Media Extracurricular

Creative media extracurricular activities are one of the extracurricular activities that accommodate the interests and multimedia talents of high school students at-taufiq al-islamy, in creative media extracurriculars students / students are given training to use graphic design applications and video editing applications.

Santri Press Extracurricular

The Santri Press Extracurricular is an extracurricular activity that accommodates students / santri in the field of journalism. In this extracurricular, students are taught the science of public speaking, photography journalism and videography. multimedia di tasikmalaya

Relasi SMAIT At-taufiq Al-Islamy

With the relationship between smait at-taufiq al-islamy with the media in East Priangan, namely Radar TV and Koran Radar, students can see firsthand how professional media make quality news for the general public.
Students are also taught to manage and optimize their social media to publish Islamic values ​​attractively so that it is comfortable and convenient to read by netizens who are currently connected to social media platforms. pondok pesantren

Pondok Pesantren SMAIT Ibadurrahman

Pondok Pesantren SMAIT Ibadurrahman is one of the schools / pesantren in Tasikmalaya City, apart from being a well-known Islamic boarding school in Tasikmalaya city, this school is one of the high school schools that have learning in multimedia tasikmalaya.

SMAIT ibadurrahman extracurricular:

Extracurricular Software Programmer
is SMAIT ibadurrahman extracurricular who studies programming languages ​​to create web-based applications as well as desktop / pc-based applications

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